Story of the Year: Newspaper Editorial — Best of the Massachusetts High School Press 2017-2018


1. Mary Tgibedes

“Hushed Issues With An LHS Move”

The LHS Review, Lowell High School

Matthew Brennan, adviser

2. Isabel Gitten and Editorial Board

“WSPN Stands With Parkland Students”

WSPN, Wayland High School

Mary Barber and Brian Keaney, advisers

3. Ashika Tamang

“Sexual Harassment”

The LHS Review, Lowell High School

Matthew Brennan, adviser

4. Catherine Hurwitz

“Benefits of Gamification in the Classroom” 

The Rebellion, Walpole High School

Conor Cashman, adviser

Judge’s comments: Strong arguments on local situations or events are often the most challenging to take on for student journalists. Taking a hard, detailed look at all the facts of complicated decisions that directly impact the student body makes for a piece that engages your audience, and persuades while informing. The clear purpose and position, as well refutation of the opposing argument makes for an editorial that connects to your readership and community at large.