Broadcast of the Year: Feature Story — Best of the Massachusetts High School Press 2017-2018


1. Molly Antone and Grace Pelletier

“Every Song Tells A Story”

Fairhaven High School

Drew Furtado, adviser

Judge’s comments: An honest, revealing portrait of a marginal country singer with big dreams. The piece is thoughtfully complex, revealing her interesting cognitive contradictions. The shooting and editing was challenging, making good use of high ISO indoor candids. Editing and shooting errors reveal areas for future growth.

2. Tim Rose and Robert Bussiere

“Ringing the Bells”

NHS-TV, Norwood High School

Jeb Brunt, adviser

Judge’s comments: Beautiful use of closeups and natural sound makes this story about a carillon player stand out. Appropriate questions were asked of the musician and listener to provoke descriptive quotes. However, the script does not add any context or function to the story. So, don’t be afraid to edit without narration.

3. Bailey Cormier

“Artists Corner”

Fairhaven High School

Drew Furtado, adviser

Judge’s comments: This psychological profile of a young, vulnerable artistic woman, shows how difficult it is to find one’s own personality. The piece is well shot with a strong sense of visual communication. However, the story wanders, and the use of foreshadowing could help give the story structure a backbone.

4. Aidan Leary and Dylan Crook

“On Patrol” 

NNTV, Newton North High School

Scott Dunlop and Amanda Mazzola, advisers

Judge’s comments: Police ridealongs are becoming rarer and often don’t produce insightful conversation. They’re also a bit cliche. But, this piece is better than most professionally produced ridealongs because the officer is more candid than others. The shooting showed extra effort with drone and go pro shots, usually out of another camera’s frame. The extremely fast and often inconsistent shutter speed makes the video distracting, jittery and washed out.

5. Alli Kelleher and Lexi Hatch

“New to Norwood”

NHS-TV, Norwood High School

Jeb Brunt, adviser

Judge’s comments: This story about a freshman from PR on the volleyball team has all of the elements, but places them in the wrong order. This package has enormous potential, but it struggles with story focus and prioritization.