Design of the Year: Yearbook Spread — Best of the Massachusetts High School Press 2017-2018

1. Bella Hamilton, Isabella Xie, Jake Lawton, and Jemini Jean-Louis

Regulus, Newton South High School

Brian Baron, adviser

Judge’s comments: Genius idea for a spread reflecting both students’ and teachers’ point of view. Honest on both sides. Above and beyond what is normally found in any Yearbook I have ever seen!











2. Kaitlyn Costa and Kathryn Kenney

Fairhaven High School

Christine Neville, adviser

Judge’s comments:  Love that you found a way to incorporate so many students’ artwork. Large enough images of each piece to get a feeling for the work, but small enough to give each artist two pieces.

3. Josh Murphy

Learning Prep High School

Kaitlin Scorzella, adviser

Judge’s comments: Quote layovers can be a risk, and this one totally paid off. Great quote with an excellent set of photos to represent it.

4. Kylie Truong

Medford High School

David Ambrose, adviser

Judge’s comments: Well done Athletics spread that gave great context to the team’s growth. Does its absolute best to make sure every single member of the team is represented. Font is consistent and does not distract from layout.











5. Jonathan Goldberg

Hopkinton High School

Sara Williams and Jessica Bacon, advisers

Judge’s comments: Great way to let each club’s spirit shine. Layover icons/images on photos was a nice touch to individualize each photo without adding more text to the page.