Story of the Year: Newspaper News — Best of the Massachusetts High School Press 2017-2018

Judge’s comments: A clear majority of the pieces were solid journalism: thorough research, multiple sources, strong writing and editing.

A news story is one that is timely, generally events or news generated within the last couple of days. A good number of the articles would have been more appropriate in the feature category, as they were really issue-based or topical pieces.

News articles should almost always have a summary lead, generally of one sentence. There were no stories here that were better off for having something other than a summary lead. News articles are about “who did what, when and why.” If your lead doesn’t have that it in perhaps it’s really a feature.

1. Ella Kitterman and Chloe McKim Jepsen

“Brookline Community Recoils From Racist Videos, Looks To Future”

The Sagamore, Brookline High School

Lindsay Wise and Marcella Anderson, advisers

Brookline community recoils from racist videos, looks to future

2. Dakota Antelman

“Student Drug Use, Bullying Rates Fall As Stress Rate Stagnates, According To Survey” 

The Big Red, Hudson High School

Amy Vessels, adviser

3. Isabel Gitten, Nathan Zhao, and Kevin Wang

“Behind the Cancellation of ‘Cool Runnings'” 

WSPN, Wayland High School

Mary Barber and Brian Keaney, advisers

WW ’18: Behind the cancellation of “Cool Runnings”

4. Thomas Patti, Michelle Cheng, and Carina Ramos

“Deepening Disconnect”

The Lion’s Roar, Newton South High School

Ashley Chapman, adviser

5. Caitlin Kahaly and Jessica Ferguson

“Holocaust Survivor Shares Life Story With Walpole High School Upperclassmen” 

The Rebellion, Walpole High School

Conor Cashman, adviser