Different Ways of Organizing A Yearbook Ladder

By Brian Baron, Newton South


Book is organized into five sections: Student Life, Clubs and Activities, Academics, Sports, and Reference. All coverage into one of those areas.

Pros: Predictable, what most books have done before.

Cons: Doesn’t emphasize storytelling, easier to produce superficial coverage/spreads.


Book organized by seasons, months, weeks or another linear unit of time.

Pros: Makes sense to readers, can make production logical and clear

Cons: Not everything that happens in a school year happens at a specific time (when in the year do you cover the math department? The Black Student Union? Etc.); you force yourself to predict what will happen at a given time, even more than other methods.


Staff devises multiple sections based on variations on the main theme, and all coverage is organized by those sections.

Pros: Emphasizes storytelling

Cons: Requires careful planning to make sure everything gets covered.